Terms & Conditions

Any request to order products from Jessica Bear candles or products we sell to customers then you are subject to the Terms and Conditions to Use of our website. You must click on the “I accept” to indicate that you comply with the rules and regulations of our business. These Terms have been used over any other inconsistent regulations on other kinds of agreements or communication.

1.0 Account Verification

Your credit card accounts such as American Express, MasterCard or Visa Card must be verified in order for you to place an order with us.


Intellectual Property refers to right, patents, trademark, design, interest, good will rights, interest in, property rights, copyright, and trade secrets regarding any intellectual property related to technology, ideas, concepts, formula, image, etc

Product refers to any product that you order from the Jessica Bear Candles website.

Services means the Jessica Bear Candle services following the Terms of Use or any other terms presented on our website.

2.0 Ordering Process

You can only order products via compliance of the website instructions and you must pay for the full amount of the product by allowing us to charge your credit card.

You must warrant that you are authorized to utilize a Credit Card Account via the credit card company. We will work to fulfill your order. Our company is not liable to any individual if we decline to fulfill any order request, or we are unable to offer the products you would like to order. There will be no contracts regarding sale or purchase of products on cancellations or variations made, until your order is accepted, cancelled, or changed. There will be products that are not available from time to time. Thus, we reserve all rights to change, discontinue or upgrade product details on the site without any prior notice.

We may also cancel your order if we believe you are conducting fraudulent activities, or if a mistake occurs such as listing with incorrect information, price, or without any limitation.

3.0 Payment and Pricing

All of the prices stated on Jessica Bear Candles represent the local currency of Australia and local taxes are applied. The prices can be subject to change without any prior notice to our customers. The products available on our website can be purchasing using American Express, Visa or Mastercard transactions.

4.0 Delivery and Shipping

We take responsibility to deliver the order at your cost, unless the product is given as a promotion, or is accepted in a reasonable time after accepting the order. If a delivery date has been specified to you, then we will try to deliver the product before the deadline. We are not liable for late deliveries as unexpected conditions can occur. A late delivery does not mean that you can cancel any part of your order or your order completely. If you have placed a large order, then we will deliver your order in installments. If a product is sent to the wrong address, then we will replace or refund your product. However, we do not take responsibility if you have provided us with an insufficient or incorrect address.

5.0 Return of Products Ordered

We will only accept return of the product if:

The product is faulty or damaged during time of delivery; in this case we will replace the product or will offer you a refund to your account. We also accept the product return if the product is different from the item you have ordered. The products you would like to return must be in the original packaging and must be sent in with the accompanying items. Also, provide an explanation for why you would like to return the product. If you have any concerns, queries, or comments regarding your order, then you can contact us at candles@jessicabear.com.au.

6.0 Copyright

You must acknowledge that we are the sole owners and Intellectual Property rights over all products at Jessica Bear Candles. You cannot copy, reproduce, alter, or publish any product that is a part of our business, and cannot permit any other individual to do so.

7.0 Privacy of Customers

You will need to provide us with your personal information for ordering products from our website. All of your personal information that you provide will be kept confidential and will only be used for delivery purposes. We may also contact you in order to obtain information that has not been processed on our website. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the privacy of your personal information, then you can send an email at candles@jessicabear.com.au.