Enjoy any of our beautiful fragrances in a range on Scented Candles and Diffusers.

Our range of Fragrances Includes: 

Amalfi Coast Type

Capturing the feeling of a coastal breeze, and ocean views you will find yourself energised. This scent has a strong blend of soothing lavender, fresh lime, and wild freesia. 


Bear is your best friend, walking by and leaving lingering an oriental, woody combination with a hint of soft leather and sandalwood. This scent will be a hit with the ladies and must have for the gents. 

Champagne & Strawberries

The Champagne Strawberries candle is the perfect touch of luxury to any home. A rich mixture of delicious berries combined with just the right amount of party champagne to add a little extra touch to the fabulous scent of these candles. 

Coconut & Lime

The number one selling scented candle. Just one coconut & lime candle will take you on a tropical adventure that will be filled with the delight of mandarin and lime mixed with the wonderful scents of coconut and milk all on a base of delicious vanilla, juicy raspberries, and light musk. 

Cucumber and Melon

The Cucumber and Melon candle is a melony and fruity cucumber flavor mixed with watery greens and delicious tart apples. It is refreshing and clean and one the most enjoyable candles, especially in the spring and summer time. 

De Pear

Freshly picked pear, with a clean aroma including dandelion and wildflowers subtly blended with tea leaf and aloe vera. 

Egyptian Musk

The Egyptian Musk candle will leave your senses surprised with its energizing musky scent. This is one of the sexiest candles available. The perfumic scent and floral essence that can be found in the Egyptian Musk candle is hypnotising. 


Take a walk through an enchanted garden and breathe in the leafy green notes of the mandarin and lemon trees surrounded by beautiful rose and jasmine. You will feel at ease and relaxed with Evie. 


The Frangipani candle is a best seller. It oozes of the beautiful scent of flowery trees, this beautiful candle will fill the home like a beautiful bouquet of flowers. 


Sandalwood is a strong and distinct scent that is known to last for decades. GeeGee is a unique and strong aroma, complimented by a Jasmine and creamy vanilla overlay. 

Japanese Honeysuckle

The Japanese Honeysuckle candle is a sweet vine scented candle with a floral touch. Its unlike any other other floral candle with its sweetness leaving you asking for more.